Pandemic creates societal stress

By Jocelyn Martinez
Pulse Staff Reporter

Photo of shopper grabbing last roll of paper towels at the store.
Finding the last roll of paper towels feels like winning the lottery in the age of coronavirus.

This horrible pandemic, known as coronavirus, has impacted my family, friends, and I in such a dreadful way. Adapting to this new life called “quarantine” only becomes harder as the days go by. Not being able to work and going out in public are luxuries at this point.  

This virus has caused people all around the world to lose their jobs. Small businesses are closing down, and worst of all, people are getting sick and passing away from this horrific virus. Millions of deaths all around the world are caused by this virus, and we have yet to get a vaccine that can help put a stop to this.  

My friend, Ashley Fujarte, 23, said, “This has been the worst year yet due to this coronavirus. Trying to buy your everyday essentials has become a real challenge. Seeing no toilet paper and people fighting over it breaks my heart.” 

Everyone is going through it, including myself. Not only have I lost my job but having to stay inside has become very depressing. Every day feels like the same day repeating itself a thousand times. Online classes are not as bad; however, it has become a little unmotivating. This virus has flipped our world around in the midst of a second. Not being able to see your family and friends has become harder and harder. This virus has definitely put a toll on everyone, placing us on pause and changing our lives forever.  

Jakie Olivarez, 19, an essential worker, said, “Trying to maintain positive throughout this entire quarantine has become very difficult, but it has also brought families together. Even though this virus has caused so much damage, it has also brought many cherishable moments. Being able to enjoy a day or two off and to just have the time to enjoy a meal with your family has become very special. This virus has definitely taken a toll on myself and my family, but it has also brought us together and for that I am super thankful.” 

This pandemic has been good and bad. Everyone is fighting their own battle trying to get through it the best way possible. Slowly things will begin to fall into place and everyone and everything will go back to normal. Until then, having hope and staying positive is what we have to do in order to get through this together. We should take this time to reflect on ourselves and enjoy the moments we have with our families. Finding new hobbies that excite us and helping others stay safe throughout this pandemic is what we need to focus on.  

My dad, Alfredo Martinez, 49, said, “It has been hard to go out in public and not think that this virus is everywhere. I have been trying to stay positive and busy as much as I can. This is just another obstacle that we have to learn to fight through.” 

Staying inside, washing your hands, and using a face mask will prevent this virus from spreading to your loved ones and many others. 


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