World pauses as pandemic expands

Photo of female jogging through a park.
Getting outside for exercise and to connect with nature helps during the pandemic.

By Nadia Martinez 
Staff Reporter

Consistency is changing before our eyes, introducing the unknown world of what-ifs and whens.

This pandemic is causing emptiness in the streets, chaos in our lives, and panic in our stores. Many people are struggling day to day, filing for unemployment and hoping our employers will help us during this time of need.

COVID-19 continues to take many things away from my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and, of course, myself. From being able to run to the stores whenever I pleased, to now only being allowed entry if I’m wearing a mask.

“It impacted me by giving me more anxiety whenever my family goes to work or who I’m with or what my boyfriend can touch at work and bring home because I’m expecting. It affected my Florida trip, my baby shower, and about six family members’ birthdays, including mine coming up. AKA it ruins everything,” said one of my best friends, Cassandra Shepard.

Issuing the stay-at-home order is both a blessing and a curse. It is implemented to help people not spread the virus, but, some are still having gatherings. The world does not realize that staying home is not a punishment. Staying home is the best solution at the moment to help yourself and your loved ones. One may not know it yet until they are affected themselves.

“Once the coronavirus hit, I was laid off from my job due to the government shutting us down. I felt betrayed and hurt that I was laid off from a company that I put before my own family. But since the layoff, I’ve spent more time with my family than I have ever before the coronavirus pandemic. It has opened my eyes to what is really important because when things begin to look dark and not go as you want, your family will always be there before anything else,” said my boyfriend, Anthony Loving.

As hard as it may sound, I like to look at the bright side during times like these. 

I asked my dear friend, Abeer Ata, how her life has changed for the better during this time of darkness.

She said, “I reached out to my friends that I don’t normally talk to.”

The world is so occupied by looking at these acts and orders as a negative when it can be a positive. When was the last time you saw people riding bikes? Getting fresh air instead of being on a phone or computer? It has been forever since I have seen so many people being active outside, bike riding, walking, running, or even just tossing a football back and forth to each other. I go on my routine runs and workouts at a nearby high school, and I’m surrounded by many families and friends, although separated, sharing laughs and smiles. 

You now have time to make a change in your life to accomplish some of the goals you have been wanting to do, but were unable to before now. Take advantage and start new. 

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