Leadership opportunities for Alamo College students

By: Kayla Aguilar

The Alamo Colleges District has always had their best interest in helping the lives of their students whether it’s academically or socially.

Kristi Wyatt, Vice Chancellor for Communications and Engagement for the Alamo Colleges District hosted the Student Leadership Summit via Zoom for Alamo College students to explore student life.

Wyatt interviews Dr. Rodell Asher, the District-wide Director of Student Leadership and Jose Aiden Martinez, Director of Student Success at San Antonio College, to explain different opportunities for students to pursue leadership development within their communities.

Zoom Meeting led by Dr. Rodell Asher and Jacob-Aidan Martinez

Asher explains that leadership skills are in high demand when college graduates enter the workforce. Asher states, “When students complete a credential, they’ll be expected to be self-aware, skillful collaborators that are effective individual contributors with the potential to lead teams, departments, and eventually an entire organization.”

Asher wants students to be aware of what employers are looking for in college graduates.

After Dr. Asher’s presentation, it then proceeds to Jose Martinez, who explains the different clubs and volunteer opportunities, such as student governance, honors college, and volunteering in the community.

Martinez states, “One of the biggest strategic goals for all of our departments
is to increase student involvement and engagement. We just came through a pandemic and it was very challenging sometimes to increase that engagement. We created innovative and creative programming that kept our students engaged and helped build their leadership skills.”

Martinez shows that although we’ve been through something that was hard to go through, getting back into getting involved into the variety of programs that the many Alamo Colleges has to offer.

After the presentation, they have students from the different Alamo Colleges to explain how participating in different opportunities on their campus has helped them with their leadership skills and how the district has impacted them.

Students were asked “How has your involvement in student leadership enhanced your college experience?”

Matthew Gurrero, SPC student, Tier 2 member, states that, “As long as I stay with this program these doors will open up, and they’ll give me everlasting friends and to find scholarship programs.”

Another student, Student Trustee Aja Leija, says, “I’ve learned communication skills, I’ve had opportunities to be in front of the camera, meet amazing, influential people in the community, and make great friends along the way.”

The different leadership opportunities give students the opportunity to get involved in student life. College is a big transition and going into a new environment can be a bit challenging. When opportunities come to participate in clubs and organizations, it can be an easier way to meet fellow peers and develop leadership skills that students will need when they go into their careers.

For more information, posted is a link to the Student Leadership Summit: #AlamoTogether Remote Summit
To learn about the different leadership opportunities throughout the Alamo College District visit: Student Leadership Institute.

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