Taking on new hobbies

By: Santino Casanova

A pandemic can be pretty hard on anyone, but it can be even more stressful for a college student. Transitioning to Zoom classes and online studies, students have gained a large amount of free time on their hands.

Being stuck at home has brought out a lot of creativity and talents that are just now being discovered. Throughout the quarantine, there were many opportunities that allowed me and other students to discover different ways to pass time.

College student Sierra Machorro, used her free time to learn how to cook new recipes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I tried my best to focus on myself and try different recipes that were a healthier choice. During this time, being healthy is all I can think about right now,” Machorro stated in her interview. “Since we are all stuck inside, I also try my best to go outside my yard and help out with my mom’s garden and use the fresh vegetables while I cook.”

During this difficult time, it is important to maintain a normal lifestyle in order to get through the days. By simply picking up a hobby or learning something new, it truly does help with passing time. Anyone can try these things, not just college students.

Though most of us have been stuck at home, we all have gained a new way to make the most out of this unsettling time. This new normal has certainly made people get out of their comfort zone in their homes and try different things that have impacted their life forever.

I do hope that we stick with these hobbies once we all come out of the pandemic. This is the best time to try the things that we have been wanting to try and explore new hobbies that we can continue in our lifetime.

So what have you been up to?

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