Transfer fair at PAC helps students with their next academic step

By: Naiomy Martinez Rodriguez

As a student at Palo Alto College, you can expect to keep busy not only with your classes, but also with the events that are hosted throughout the year. If you are interested in sports, art, or seeking transfer information, there is definitely an event for you to attend.

In the past few weeks, Palo Alto College has had transfer fairs that are hosted on Zoom. Transfer fairs are usually held in person, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these events have been moved online.

Palo Alto College brings guests from schools all over Texas like Texas State University, Texas A&M Kingsville, UT, and of course universities here in San Antonio like UTSA and Texas A&M San Antonio. Students attended the transfer fair they had on September 29th, hosted for anyone interested in attending UTSA.

The event was hosted by Mariah Neumeyer, who is a transfer counselor at the university. She had other transfer counselors alongside her giving out
information to students and answering any questions that students and faculty had. They did a great job providing the students with information about the school, the transfer process, cost of tuition, and who to get in contact with for any further questions and information. Transfer counselors also spoke about the school and different activities, clubs, teams, and resources they offer.

Overall it is an amazing event to attend, and something that is recommended to all
students. Even if someone is not looking into transferring right away, it is still a good event to attend for information, getting in touch with other people, and just to look into other options if a student is looking into transferring in the future.

The advisors at UTSA did a great job welcoming Palo Alto College students and offering their help, advice and information. They are very friendly and
outgoing, and they even had a discount code for the homecoming football game tickets that just passed!

For access to Palo Alto College’s transfer advising guides, you can visit the following link:

Palo Alto College Transfer Advising Guides

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