Healthcare for Alamo Students

By: Julian Trejo

On Sept 22, 2021, the Alamo Colleges held a press conference to announce their partnership with UT Health San Antonio to provide healthcare for Alamo students. This new program, Wellness 360, will give students over the age of 18 the opportunity to receive care over the phone through TeleHelp services, as well as in person at San Antonio College and at Palo Alto College.

Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores welcomed everyone and spoke of the need for healthcare at the Alamo Colleges. The lack of affordable healthcare for students was the one thing that was missing and needed to be improved. Healthcare was an issue that the administration wanted to focus on and make it a priority for its students.

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Chancellor Flores then introduced Cindy Sickora, Vice Dean of Engagement at UT Health San Antonio to speak on this issue. Sikora agreed that healthcare was lacking and that at a dinner three years ago the whole idea of a partnership started. For the past three years a plan was worked on and implemented,

First in 2020, TeleHelp was launched as a phone service healthcare option for students at all Alamo locations to receive services. At this time, it was not an option to open a site on campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the in-person locations were put on hold until 2021.

Starting this Fall, two UT Health sites have opened at San Antonio College and at Palo Alto College. All students over 18 are welcome to sign up for services. Students can use insurance and if students do not have insurance, then a small fee is charged. There are funds available for students who cannot afford these fees.

Student Trustee Aja Leija spoke about how much this means to students. They can now feel empowered to get that care they need on campus and over the phone. She felt grateful that her fellow students now have an affordable and convenient opportunity to receive the care that some have been missing in their lives.

Currently there are only locations at San Antonio College and Palo Alto College with more locations to join them in the near future at other Alamo Colleges. This is only the beginning of the partnership between the Alamo Colleges and UT Health San Antonio.

For more information please call 210-485-0571 with your banner ID or go to their website to schedule and appointment.

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