Students find competitive edge with experiential learning

By: Matthew Medina

San Jacinto Hall Student Life

Want to get more involved in school? Make the most out of your college experience and start getting involved in Student Life. Student Life provides a variety of different opportunities for students to make new friends, attend new events such as entertainment activities, educational events, recreational events, and volunteer-service opportunities.

The importance of experiential learning allows you as a student to obtain key skills and make your application stand out above competitors. Experiential learning allows students to become career ready and develop new skills that set them apart from others. Alex Luna, PAC Career Experience Navigator, emphasized the significance of experiential learning by stating, “We help to bridge career opportunities to our students and alumni, so that can be anywhere from providing experiential learning opportunities to our students, as well as resume and cover letter review, preparing students for interviews, and job or internship search strategies.”

AlamoExperience is one of the many ways students can easily get involved with organizations, internships, study abroad opportunities, student teaching, and much more. The AlamoExperience program incorporates a portal for students to be able to use. Within this portal, students sign into their Aces accounts and can view all upcoming events the Alamo Colleges District is hosting.

Attending events through the portal allows students to be able to save them on a transcript for future reference. Attending events can be used for resumes, interviews, internship opportunities, note new development skills, and much more. Transcripts highlight career readiness and soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving. “If students want to get involved with experiential learning or ELAG group, check out Alamo Experience and select experiential learning opportunities within the event search function, and you can look upcoming ELAG meeting dates,” said Alex Luna.

For more information regarding Student Life and AlamoExperience you can view the official website for AlamoExperience and for more information regarding Student Life opportunities, contact Jennifer Flores who is the Director of Student Success at her email address