Your voice builds better communities

By: Matthew Medina

(Asai Leija, Talia Christian, Nico Flores, Val Morin)

On Thursday September 30, 2021, Palo Alto College held the “Alamo Together Student Forum.” At the event, Alamo Colleges Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores stressed the idea that students’ voices matter. This forum was important to stress the idea that students have a voice and to show that there are many opportunities for the Alamo Colleges community. The forum introduced different student leaders in many unique organizations and explored how they are succeeding.

“I think one of the biggest points that we’re making is that there is a community here of student leaders who want to make the community a better place. We know we need to do that with teamwork, communication skills, social skills, learning day-to-day tasks like making agendas. It’s really a lot that you learn here and so many opportunities for students,” said Asia Leija, Alamo District Student Trustee.

The student leaders explained what leadership meant to them, ranging from bringing out the best in people, motivating your team, and balance. “Support is the biggest thing, and mental health is too. Everyone matters, everyone’s opinions matter and I can’t stress enough, and that we’ve done a great job of addressing mental health,” said Nico Flores, District Council Secretary.

The student leaders emphasized the many opportunities that are available at the Alamo Colleges, and their own firsthand experiences on how to achieve success through clubs and organizations that are available for students. “My first attempt going to college I had to drop out before I could even finish my first semester,” said Talia Christain, Student Trustee Alternate, when asked what lead her to become a student leader.

During the uproar of Covid-19 mental health struggles heavily impacted student leaders and the Alamo Colleges community. Val Morin, SPC and SGA President, emphasized how mental health awareness was the reasoning for him to continue to pursue leadership roles. “I realized this is what it’s about. We need to reach out to students; we need to make sure they are okay, and they have everything they need,” said Val Morin.

Alamo Colleges wants their students and community to know that their voices matter. Alamo Colleges hold frequent forums to enable students and the community to voice their opinions, personal stories, and ideas to be able to build a better community. Not only do the Alamo Colleges encourage students to have their voices and ideas heard but they also encourage students to gain insight into many opportunities.

Information about future forums are sent to students through their school e-mail address. The Alamo College student community is encouraged to stay updated about the latest events occurring throughout the semester.

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