A successful Honors Program open house

By: Joshua Rodriguez, PAC Pulse Staff Reporter

The Palo Alto College Honors Program held an open house event on Wednesday, March 9, for PAC students who are seeking to add experience and value to their transcripts and resume. 

During this open house event, students were able to sign-up and learn what the Honors Program has to offer. The students who attended the open house event were able to speak to Samuel Evans, the co-director of the program. Some of the main reasons why Evans encourages students to join include having priority registration, smaller classes, and most importantly, earning the prestigious honors cord stole for graduation. 

Nicole Who, the president of the Honors Legacy Program, brought to attention that enrolling in the Honors Program not only allows one to academically succeed, but is a program where everyone is family. What Nicole enjoys about being part of this program most, is that you are surrounded by other students who are all in the same boat. As a student herself, she knows how important it is to be part of a community where everyone has the same academic goals and interests. 

This open house event held by the Honors Program set a new record of students attending and applying. The event was a success and PAC is excited to welcome new students to their Honors Program. 

If you are a student who is wanting to be part of the Honors Program, stop by the Medina Hall room 101. Here is where you can talk to Esther Rendon who is the administrative service specialist. You can also reach Esther Rendon via email mrendon4@alamo.edu and via telephone 210-486-3348.

Joshua Rodriguez is a communication major at Palo Alto College and a PAC Pulse staff reporter. Joshua also produces content for PAC-TV.

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