Grammy-nominated musician, Saul Paul, closes Black History Month at Palo Alto College

By: Amanda Ramirez, PAC Pulse Staff Reporter


On February 24th, Palo Alto College welcomed Grammy-nominated musician and speaker, Saul Paul, for a second time onto their campus for a life-changing, motivating speech. The event took place in the Legacy Room in the Ozuna Library where Saul Paul captivated and interacted with the audience through his charisma and guitar.

The speaker created and produced an original song with the help of Palo Alto College’s students and faculty while sharing his story. The young artist shared the hardships and obstacles that led him to his success, but most importantly, his gift. Saul Paul inspired students with his explanation of natural resources, “You have natural resources. If you can identify what your natural resource is – your gift- if you can then refine it, you can get rich. And remember you get to define what rich is.”

Saul Paul encouraged the crowd to be the change for their community and themselves. He talked about the importance of being unique and not following others to succeed in life. Saul Paul mentioned important Black figures who developed this mentality and how they impacted the world. The musician also performed one of his original songs about his upbringing and early life and explained how he is giving back to the community with his water brand, Change Water. A percentage of each purchase goes back to local non-profit organizations.

To close the event, Saul Paul invited six individuals up on stage to learn the Texas Two-Step dance. Saul Paul delivered a memorable speech that challenged, impacted, and inspired the PAC community.

After the event,Saul-Paul opened up to PAC Pulse reporters about his positive mindset, advice for college students, and an inclusive insight on his upcoming project. Check out the interview on PACTV.

Amanda Ramirez is a communication major at Palo Alto College and a PAC Pulse staff reporter.

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