LeadHER’s highlights female empowerment at PAC Women’s History event

By: Valeria Gutierrez, PAC Pulse Staff Reporter

Panel at Women’s History Event – March 8

On Tuesday, March 8, LeadHERs kicked off its second event as part of Women’s History Month, with presenter Carmen Velasquez-Avila, organization leader and recruiter for LeadHERs. The LeadHER’s program at Palo Alto College was created to enhance and promote female empowerment at Palo Alto College.  The panel was held at the Performing Arts Center at the PAC campus.

Throughout the presentation, Velasquez-Avila was joined by Cindy Morgan, mentor for LeadHERs and other LeadHER mentees. Velasquez-Avila’s goal as the recruiter for LeadHERs, is to make sure that she and her team provide knowledgeable skills, leadership opportunities, and collaborative enhancement to strengthen their team building ability.

The LeadHER’s panel discussed why LeadHERs was so impactful to them and why the mentees decided to join. The panel provided their own personal takes on why this organization is very dear and special to them. Some did not know that this type of program existed and joined LeadHERs as it became an official organization.

One major takeaway question from the panel was, “If you could describe LeadHERs in one word, what would it be?” The panel answered confidently and simultaneously, “Empowerment.”

LeadHERs Panel

For more information in regards to participating in the LeadHERS Mentoring Program, contact Carmen Velasquez-Avila at her email address cvelasquez@alamo.edu or visit LeadHERs official website on Alamo Experience on https://alamo.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/pacleadhers

Valeria Gutierrez is a Communication Major at PAC and a PAC Pulse Reporter.

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