Career Clothes Closet offers free professional clothes for students

By: Valeria Gutierrez

PAC Clothes Closet

At PAC’s S.H.A.R.E Center , located in the Student Center, a room named the “Clothes Closet” provides students, faculty, and the community with professional attire and formal wear. This is an opportunity to get free clothes that the PAC community may need with unlimited options to choose from and take.

The huge wave of clothes came in Summer 2021 with bags spread all over the Student Center covering the whole cafeteria thanks to the donation from the Texas Diaper Bank. Although it first started off with majority of Women’s Clothes, later within the Spring Semester of 2022, they brought a variety of Men’s Clothes as well.

The Clothes Closet has a huge section of clothes to choose from followed by exclusive brands that were brought by the Texas Diaper Bank Donation stores, private donors, faculty and staff.

Additionally, not only do they have clothes accessible for the PAC students and community in their closet decor, but they have also included earrings and other sets of jewelry as well as donated shoes, bags, and ties.

PAC Clothes Closet

Students are eligible to qualify for this amazing opportunity for free and can get an unlimited number of clothes. All students are required to do is to sign-in at the front desk of the S.H.A.R.E Center and provide their name, date, banner number (9-digit school number), and the service they would like to be provided.

For more information about the Clothes Closet or the services the S.H.A.R.E. Center offers, visit or visit their office located in the Student Center.

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