The Music Program and Edlyn de Oliveira

By: Ethan Poidevin, PAC Pulse Reporter

PAC Students Performing at Carnegie Hall Spring 2022

Music is in the air this semester! Palo Alto College’s music program has rolled out performances and students are eager to share their love for music with the world. Music Instructor, Edlyn de Oliveira, who is currently in her sixth year of teaching at PAC, is responsible for teaching choir, music appreciation, private instructions, and music literature along with contributing to all music related topics and events that take place here at PAC.

Most recently her students are participating in the school musical known as “Nunsense.” Music major and actor in the show, Lizeth Robledo, spoke with PAC Pulse on her experience in the program and the show. Robledo is a sophomore and has been taking choir and private voice for three semesters. She will be transferring to UIW in the upcoming fall semester. One of the biggest opportunities opened up for Robledo in the early start of the spring semester. She was one of two students from PAC who earned the chance to perform with 40 students from all other the country in New York’s own Carnegie Hall, and got to rehearse with world renowned conductor, Dr. Jeffery Redding. Another great experience that the music program got to participate in, which showcases the collaboration opportunities the program has access to, was performing with the Master Singers. The group performed to a sold out crowd, marking the first performance the program was able to engage in since COVID.

Lizbeth Robledo, Music Major at PAC

The music program, in just the voice department alone, will typically have 2-3 choir performances each semester. One performance this spring was labeled, “Songs of Justice” and drew a crowd to the Performing Arts Center lobby. Every year during the spring, the music program will also partner with the drama department to put on a musical.

The music program has monthly department recitals with students who are taking any private instruction. All of the music program’s ensembles will put on a concert every semester which can always be found on PAC’s music program event schedule. Want to participate in any of the shows or performances? Well, you may not know this but the auditions for said shows are open to all students who attend Palo Alto College.

The music program here at PAC is very diverse as not all the students who are taking classes like music theory, oral skills, keyboard efficiency, or music literature (which are core classes that transfer to any four-year college) have a major in music. Some of the music program’s students are focusing on music production, music therapy, education, or are just students who enjoy music as a whole. Some students are STEM based students but want to have that music side of their lives in their college experience.

PAC Students in NYC after performing at Carnegie Hall

Preparation is always important in the music program. Practice is a necessity, especially for those like Robledo whose practice paid off in the form of an opportunity to perform in New York. The music program has a multitude of areas within the Performing Arts Center where students can practice and prepare for upcoming performances. Many of the students, with the help of PAC’s music program have been able to share their experiences on social media or on Palo Alto College’s official website. The music program takes students careers in the performing arts very seriously and actively strives to share student work with the rest of the country through the student’s ePortfolios.

To learn more about the music program here at PAC and the people behind such an amazing program you can find that contact information here:

Edlyn DeOliveira
Instructor of Music

Fine and Performing Arts Center (PERF 165)Phone:

Dr. Armin Marmolejo
Associate Professor of Music

Fine and Performing Arts Center (PERF 164)Phone:

Hector Garza
Department Chair


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