What makes PAC your home campus

By: Graciela Hernandez, PAC PULSE STAFF REPORTER

Home is the feeling of being somewhere or being with someone with whom you can be your true self and feel safe while doing so. Having a home campus is a place that should make you feel like this. While we continue on this topic, let me give you a chance to fully understand what having a home campus means. A home campus is the campus that you pay most of your tuition towards, as well as where you attend most of your classes. 

Many students who attend classes at multiple campuses, even those that only attend one campus, can have a hard time feeling like they belong. However, if you ask a student what it means to have a home campus, many of their responses may be different from each other. “PAC is my home because of the students and faculty that have created a welcoming space for me,” said sophomore at Palo Alto College, Justine Nerio. “I’ve been able to learn and grow as a person, and as a student.”

The Palomino Center at Palo Alto College

Having a home campus means more to those students that get involved in student activities. This feeling can become complex when you get involved on a campus that is not your home, at least according to the Alamo Colleges technical definition. “This is my first year at Palo Alto and I’ve made more friends this semester than I have my entire time at SAC,” said sophomore at San Antonio College, Dora Medrano. “I love my home campus, but I feel so welcomed and comfortable at PAC.” Dora Medrano is involved with PAC Student Media, an activity that has helped her feel like PAC is home.

After interviewing and talking with students who attend classes at another campus, or those that only attend one campus, we can see just how important it is to have a home campus. New friends, great memories and overall experiences you may not always get, can come from knowing what your home campus is and how having one can benefit you. So I leave you with a question: How have you made PAC your home? 

Graciela Hernandez is a sophomore at Alamo Colleges and a Mass Communication major.

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