The Palomino Pumpkin Patch brought together the whole community

By: Daniel Jimenez, PAC PULSE Staff Reporter

The Palomino Pumpkin Patch has been hosted by Palo Alto College since 2019. This year’s event, held on October 22, had a huge turnout and was held at the Central Courtyard on campus grounds. Many organizations including SGA, Honors Legacy Club, PTK, and PAC Ambassadors showed up to either promote their organization or to raise funds.

PAC Honors Legacy Club

The event featured a free petting zoo, fun photo ops, pumpkin painting, crafts, and games. Students danced to the music as the crowd grew to numbers in the hundreds. Pumpkins and tasty treats were sold to help raise funds. This year, the Palomino Pumpkin Patch held a record-breaking count for attendance with hundreds of attendees. I was able to speak with Zara Lopez, a student at Palo Alto College, at this year’s event. Lopez said, “I had so much fun being able to dance and getting to see everyone come together and have fun. We host a Palomino Pumpkin Patch so that everyone can create wonderful memories they can look back on.” All that were present felt this year’s pumpkin patch would be one they would remember for years to come.

Daniel Jimenez is a PAC PULSE Reporter, SGA Executive Officer of Public Relations, and a Mass Communication student at Palo Alto College.

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