Palo Alto College enters alert as rumors of the cafeteria and café closing become true

By: Mariana Pasillas, PAC PULSE Staff Writer

Ozuna Café closed until further notice.

Just last week there were rumors of the cafeteria shutting down. Today we spoke to Jennifer Mejia, Director of College Services, who confirmed that both the cafeteria and Ozuna Café will be temporarily closed as of Wednesday, March 1. Mejia stated that due to an abrupt contract termination they were forced to change vendors mid-semester. She helped ease concern by letting us know that there will be food goods offered by our bookstore, S.H.A.R.E. Center, and a rotating food truck.

Additionally, students voiced concerns on the lack of notice on the issue. As we approached students today asking for their input, we were met with absolute shock and distress. A large amount of distress came from our Early College High School students. They helped explain that a large population of them do not leave campus for lunch. High school students are not allowed to use Grab and Go meals from the S.H.A.R.E. Center, confining them to packaged items for purchase at the bookstore. 

A plan for a food truck area on campus was proposed by campus leadership, however the start date is unclear. We are following this story, and hope to provide the latest on campus food options as we hear them.

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