Busy Palominos are missing out

By: Barbara Tristan and Valeria Medina, PAC PULSE Staff Reporters

Learning how to balance college with all other aspects of life such as an increased workload, financial concerns, and family pressure on your own can be incredibly stressful and difficult. Students will often struggle to find motivation to continue their studies, and balance the financial, social, and academic pressure. There are few events that are available for busy working students or student parents to attend on campus because of their long work hours and lack of events that cater to these populations during the week. As a student parent, it can be difficult to attend seminars and speeches that do not have a family atmosphere for student-parents to bring their children or family members that they have obligations to.

Palominos have expressed wanting to experience more events at PAC but after typical school & work hours. Having events at PAC that occur during after regular hours gives Palominos the opportunity to explore extracurricular interests. Creating a welcoming and entertaining space on campus would increase the overall participation of our community and increase the college going culture amongst the Southside community.

According to Communication College Review, As of 2023, there are 11,193 Palominos enrolled. When taking a closer look at the 2,139 considered to be enrolled full-time and 9,054 are part-time Palominos, it is important to consider the schedules of some of our hard-working Palominos. There are many benefits  to participating in campus activities for students who are working such as students are likely to network with people in their preferred industry and find like-minded individuals. Students whose personal lives are often compromised by work, school, or family find it challenging to attend recreational activities or to participate in committees.

Would you attend more events on campus if they began after your class or work schedule? What night events would you like to see on campus? Summertime cookouts, weekend pop ups with Southside vendors, or family movie nights on the courtyard? Send us your ideas or reply and comment below.

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