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By Sean Smith
Pulse Staff Reporter

Two Palo Alto College students using mobile apps on campus Photo By: Sean Smith
Two Palo Alto College students using mobile apps on campus. Photo by Sean Smith.

Ask any typical college student if they own a smartphone, and it is a safe bet that most of them will be too busy using the apps on their smartphone to reply.

Mobile apps perform a variety of tasks for the user, including entertainment, education, scheduling and news. College students, in particular, are the best kind of guinea pigs when it comes to finding the most useful and popular apps to use.

Palo Alto College student and Kinesiology major Brittany Flores recommends the free “Rec-It” App for students

“Keep track of scores for sports currently going on at PAC and for students looking to sign up for sports,” Flores said.

This app is specifically for Palo Alto College, which makes it uniquely useful to any students interested in sports on campus.

Health and fitness in general can also be a very big issue for students who are constantly stressed and neglectful of their bodies. Flores, who is a competitive powerlifter, recommends an app called “My Fitness Pal.” This is another free app that keeps track of the dietary aspects of getting into shape, which is an often overlooked part of getting fit.

Palo Alto College student and Communications major Rosemary Rodriguez relies heavily on social media apps, specifically Instagram and Pinterest. Rodriguez, an aspiring fashion blogger, said Instagram is a very visual app where she can post pictures for followers of hers to see. She will mainly post photos of her different outfits that she bought from thrift stores and create different decorations fashioned from ideas off of Pinterest,

“You can search anything popular from animals, to cars, to food even,” Rodriguez said.

Advising Team Lead Carmen Velasquez suggests using the free version of the TED Talks app.

“This app talks about different social, political, religious and cultural issues through the use of short videos up to about 15 minutes in length,” Velasquez said.

Each video features experts discussing the subject of their expertise with their peers or lecturing the viewer on said subject. This is a very useful app for journalism majors and students in general who are looking to keep up with the current times at a more global level of understanding.

In all, these apps are varied and are valuable to the user’s preferences. Brittany Flores, Kinesiology major, preferred the fitness app, Rosemary Rodriguez, aspiring fashion blogger, uses the visually dominant Instagram app, and Carmen Velasquez, adviser, recommends a discussion- and lecture-based video app.

The most efficient way to find the best apps for you is to simply know what information you are looking for in an app. Do not forget to read the reviews. All apps mentioned in the above article may be downloaded for free on the (fittingly) Apple Store app or the Google Play Store app.

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