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PAC-CAST: PAC Student Media has a podcast! Our PAC-CAST explores topics across campus with exclusive interviews with the movers and the shakers at Palo Alto College.

AFTER HOURS: The newest edition to the PAC-Cast Lineup is the show, AFTER HOURS. Students share their thoughts, struggles, triumphs and burning questions with life that happens outside the classroom.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The PAC-Cast helped me learn about Hope Gen and the services offered to first generation students on our campus. What a great listen!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

After hours went there. I loved tuning in.


Check out Episode 2 of our PACcast where we interview special guest, Sandra Coronado, Founder of HOPE GEN.

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  • What makes PAC your home campus

    What makes PAC your home campus

    By: Graciela Hernandez, PAC PULSE STAFF REPORTER Home is the feeling of being somewhere or being with someone with whom you can be your true self and feel safe while doing so. Having a home campus is a place that should make you feel like this. While we continue on this topic, let me give… Read more

  • Career Clothes Closet offers free professional clothes for students

    Career Clothes Closet offers free professional clothes for students

    By: Valeria Gutierrez At PAC’s S.H.A.R.E Center , located in the Student Center, a room named the “Clothes Closet” provides students, faculty, and the community with professional attire and formal wear. This is an opportunity to get free clothes that the PAC community may need with unlimited options to choose from and take. The huge… Read more

  • Have a Spa day on campus with the Cosmetology dept

    Have a Spa day on campus with the Cosmetology dept

    By: Nayeli Esquilin, PAC Pulse Reporter With 26 hair stations, 16 nail stations, and an esthetics room fully equipped for whatever assignment students are learning for the day, Palo Alto’s Cosmetology Program offers a wide variety of services for the PAC community at reasonable prices. Different skin types are warmly welcomed to PAC’s esthetician program… Read more

  • Students’ guide to start living their bucket list

    By: Evelyn Coronado, PAC Pulse Reporter On May 4th, Nina Fritz, a Certified Bucket List Coach, held a zoom session about how to create and start living your bucket list now. This online meeting is three sessions long so attendees can learn how a bucket list can help you thrive, how to set goals and… Read more

  • The Music Program and Edlyn de Oliveira

    The Music Program and Edlyn de Oliveira

    By: Ethan Poidevin, PAC Pulse Reporter Music is in the air this semester! Palo Alto College’s music program has rolled out performances and students are eager to share their love for music with the world. Music Instructor, Edlyn de Oliveira, who is currently in her sixth year of teaching at PAC, is responsible for teaching… Read more

  • Teatro Palo Alto’s Spring Show “Nunsense”

    Teatro Palo Alto’s Spring Show “Nunsense”

    By: Faith Casanova, PAC Pulse Reporter Joining the Palamino family in fall 2018, Nicolas Castanon, the lead instructor of the Dance and Drama programs at Palo Alto College had one primary goal: To be able to bring the community together to enjoy a performance while setting his students up for a successful future. Along with… Read more

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